Employment Provident Fund

Tap the telephone icon & Call to Know Your EPF balance.
kindly choose the registered number to Call.
To check your balance, you will have to visit the following website and enter your UAN and password. The website allows you to view and download your EPF account statement.
  • Click on activate UAN
You will need to enter your PF number and date of Birth to find the UAN number associated with it.

Tap the telephone icon & Call to Know Your EPF balance.

  •                                                   EPF BALANCE ENQUIRY NUMBER
To check your EPF account balance on the EPFO portal, you must have an active Universal Account Number (UAN). To check EPF balance, make sure that the employer has activated your Universal Account Number (UAN).


UAN is written on our Salary slips. If it's not present there you can go to Member Home and click on “Activate UAN” on bottom left of page. Enter the details and do the needful steps. Your mobile number will be now linked and you will get UAN number on your mobile after 24 hours.

You will find the Activate UAN link on the Home Page.

EPFO Help desk is operational from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM on all working days. You can also get details of your PF balance by giving a missed call on 011-229014016 from the registered mobile number in UAN portal EPFO services are now available on the UMANG (Unified Mobile APP for New Governance)
  • Q.What if old PF account isn’t linked to UAN?

If one has an old PF account and hasn’t linked it to UAN yet, one can get the details by visiting the regional EPF office and submitting a grievance redressal form along with KYC documents to the grievance cell. The details along with the balance would be provided
by the office after verification of the details submitted.
If you are unable to access your UAN, ask the accounts department of your organization
to help you. They would have access to your UAN and can guide on the procedures of logging in and using it for your benefit.

How can I check my PF balance without a UAN number, or a registered mobile number?

I have never seen without having UAN number and not registered your mobile number with your aadhar and also with your bank.You can get easily your UAN number through UMANG app. UAN is necessary for withdrawing PF money online.just download UMANG app in your android and follow the instruction

How do I add non UAN number PF account to existing UAN?

There is nothing like a non-UAN number PF Account.
All PF Accounts have been assigned a UAN number.
You need to activate the UAN number of the PF Account that you are saying is a non UAN number Account.

Go to 

Once you know it you can login to it by associating your mobile number with the UAN no. After you confirm that all data is in order and KYC is up to date, Bank details fine , you can apply for this old account to be merged with your new account.If there are blanks in the data or KYC missing you will have top chase your earlier employer to make amends.

The PF details related to a previous employee are missing in my UAN portal. How do I get it and transfer my PF amount to a new account?

You can transfer your PF from your previous employer through the EPF-UAN portal. First,
you need to have an activated UAN and have to be registered on the EPF-UAN portal. If this has been completed, the following steps will help guide you to merge your PF accounts.Login to the EPF portal using your UAN and password Select the ‘Services’ tab and click on the option titled ‘One-Employee One EPF Account’You will then be redirected to a form for linking all your PF accounts. On this page, you will have to enter your UAN and current PF account number.

Additionally, you will also have to enter registered mobile number in order to receive an OTP to authenticate the process.
When you submit this form, you will receive an OTP on your mobile number. Enter the OTP to be redirected to the page to merge your PF accounts.Enter your old PF account number, accept the declaration and submit the form.Once this has been approved by the EPFO, your PF accounts will be merged with your UAN.
  • What is the solution to this PF transfer error: "Details of previous acc. are different than present acc. Hence claim request cannot be processed"?

Most probably your previous company has not marked your exit in the UAN portal using their employer account.

To verify the same just go to view tab > service history
If you see the DOE EPF and DOE EPS is unavailable then approach your previous employer with proof (Screenshot or pdf report) and then ask them to mark it.

If even after repeated requests they don’t do it, you can always register a complain in EPF site. But make sure to do it after you are done with all other modes of communication with your previous employer.

Now if the issue is not regarding DOE (verify as mentioned before) then your present employer must have registered some information which is mismatching with your existing KYC or employee records. Don’t worry, as your present employer can fix that from their end, so just convey the issue to your present employer and they will be able to give the resolution required.

On transferring EPF amount from a previous employer without UAN to the present with UAN through EPF portal, If you get the error like "Details of previous account are different than present account. Hence claim request cannot be processed." What is this?

There must be an error in the details.Check the details like Name, Gender,Date of Birth, Contact number, email ID. The details of KYC must be exactly same as per your present UAN Account. And one most important aspect that the exit date also must be mentioned by your previous employer.

  • How do I withdraw my PF from a past employer?

I have tried to transfer it online to my current employer but it was not successful as "Details of previous account are different than present account. Hence claim request cannot be processed."?
You cannot withdraw EPF from previous account since you are currently employed.

But you can apply for EPF transfer from previous account to current account and you can place a EPF withdrawal/ EPF advance request under appropriate category.You need to complete the KYC process as listed in Pre-requisite of PF Transfer Online
(Form 13) - EPF transfer through EPFO Unified Members Portal before initiating the PF transfer.

Is it possible to withdraw my PF amount without getting sign from my past employer? If Yes, How?

If your Aadhar, other KYC such as PAN and Bank details have been submitted by you then you can withdraw PF usingComposite Claim Form (Aadhar). Signature of your employer is not required on the claim form.

If your KYC is not seeded then Composite PF Claim Form (Non Aadhar) should be used. Further, copies of Pass Book, Aadhar and PAN card are to be submitted along with your
employer’s attestation (i.e. employer’s official seal and signature of authorized person).Amount can be withdrawn online through PF member portal or offline using the above forms.

Another Answer:

Now it is very easy to claim your PF amount without employer approval, Get an online application from PF website , fill the form & attach Necessary proofs like Bank pass book Xerox, Aadhaar car, PAN card and courier it to your PF account office…Within 15–30 days the amount will credit in your account.

But it should be fill after 3 months from the date of resignation & KYC must be approved
(ie..Bank account & Aadhaar number must be linked with your PF account) in your PF account through online.

How can we withdraw a PF amount without a relieving letter from the last company where worked?

For withdrawing PF amount ,relieving letter is not important one.At first kindly visit to that company and ask that you want to claim your EPF.
If they will give you a EPF form then fill it up and attach proofs like pan, aadhar, cheque leaf or front page of your savings bank book xerox copy.Also get the company seal and respective person sign in the PF form. Now you can submit the form directly to EPF office.
Also there is provision to submit it to the HR also.

Reasons for PF withdrawal:Subscribers can make a complete or partial withdrawal under the following circumstances:
  • If the member has retired.
  • For medical expenses.
  • If he/she needs to fund their house construction or pay their home loan.
  • For wedding or education expenses.
  • If  unemployed for a duration of more than 60 days or two months.
  • If moving abroad permanently .
  • If a female employee is resigning due to pregnancy, childbirth, getting married, etc. 
Limits of EPF Partial Withdrawal:

Employees can make withdrawals based on the below listed circumstances. Listed below is the withdrawal purpose, the minimum service requirement to be eligible to make the withdrawal, the EPF withdrawal limit and the relations for who the employee can make the withdrawal. EPF withdrawal reason Minimum service EPF withdrawal Limit.

* Disclaimer : All the above information have been provided with utmost care through self knowledge & internet findings. For any further up-gradation and changes in policies, kindly refer to the official website of EPFO.

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