Basic Meditation

Q. what is the concept of Meditation?

Let's discuss something very important. You are right. It’s Meditation.
It’s the secret source of life and its dimensions in a broader way. Does Meditation sound very difficult or does it sound very boring? Whatever it sounds but it’s awesome. It’s awesome like you. It’s awesome like each and every one of us in this whole universe. Do you know how? Even with so many diversities of life I said it awesome. The simplest answer is through the state of meditation the vision of our eyes changes .We are capable to vision the divine energy everywhere within everyone. The physical dimensions are matter less. So let’s find it out practically, what is meditation? It comes alive in a state when there is idleness in thinking, idleness in emotions and idleness in physical activity.
It’s an active awake status along with statue status of thinking, statue status of emotions, and statue status of physical activity. It’s like watching a beautiful flower without describing anything of its features whether good or bad.
So when we reach in the surrendered state without any action, thoughts or emotions, something starts flowing within us .We start receiving the blessings from the cosmos. The journey starts. The Meditative state is a ready ground which allows the life energy, the divine energy to flow within us. Whenever we are in the meditative state, the energy starts filling lots of energy within us slowly and slowly. In the meditative state, we automatically pass through different phases to finally reach the enlightenment phase i.e. to discover our soul and feel oneness with the whole universe.

Energy Chakras of the soul

Q. How to discover our soul?

I would like to say that it’s nothing to be done. It’s present within everyone. The only thing is it needs to be found out. It needs to be discovered. For its discovery we need to do some basic preparedness. We need do something that is transforming our actions to a statue position till the time you want to be in meditation. Is it hard to understand? Okay let’s try to understand with an example. You are doing something, I said you to be statue. So what do you do? At this position, you don’t move physically right? But can you stop your emotions for a while. Can you stop your thinking for a while? I am not telling to stop breathing. I am telling to watch your breathing. I am telling to watch your breathing and in such a way that you don’t interrupt its natural flow. Simply don’t move yourself physically, emotionally and mentally. Try to remain in the position and watch your breathe cycle starting from inhaling the breathe to the navel and exhaling the breathe from the navel. Don’t fight with your incoming thoughts. Let thoughts come and go. Focus on the breathe cycle whenever you are diverted.
Let everything be at ease and no forceful activity. Allow the process to happen automatically.
Stay at the position physically, stay at the position of blank emotion, stay at the position of blank or vacuum mentality. There shouldn’t be anything that would move except the breathing and heartbeat and the internal functions.
Now, what to do? I say you not to do anything. Be in the stillness or be in the emptiness and slowly for a longer period.

Journey to Inner Self

Q. What happens in the meditative state?

Is there anything to happen? What to do in such a position with no movement of thoughts and emotions? You are right this state of surrender of thoughts, action and emotions in consciousness where the universe is ready to pour infinite energies within the person is meditation. Meditation is nothing but a process where you allow your movements, your actions, your emotions and your thoughts to become a statue. When everything becomes a statue then you don’t have to do anything. Something will happen
In the pure presence of stillness and that is meditation. The more you are in meditation, the more bliss you can experience, the more tears you can experience, the more sensitive you start becoming.
So I would like to say you that it’s just the first automatic process which happens when actions are transformed into awareness and without any movement of thoughts and emotions.
The longer you stay in the position your consciousness starts journey to reach super consciousness or Samadhi through continuous bliss in the meditative state. It’s a journey to the discovery of our soul to the supreme light called divine.

Sitting on Meditation

Q. Should we experiment to discover our self being?

There are multiple ways to the journey to discover our self being. So the first and foremost thing we need to do apart from our responsibilities and duties is to take some time for our true self i.e. our soul.
It’s not because I am telling or someone else is telling. It’s for the call of your own soul. Listen to the call. Come forward and Lets Experiment Meditation daily for a 20 minutes at least.

Experiment to dive to inner self

Q. What is the basic process to reach meditation?

To reach it there are lot of paths. But let’s experiment with a basic step. A simple path to experiment the meditation is recommended as follows:-

The best timing is between 3 am to 4 am as the whole surrounding is very peaceful.

Let’s Sit in a comfortable position .You may sit on a chair in a straight spinal position.

Take airtight earplugs to block sounds from outside.

Take 10 complete breathes in countdown from 10 to 1.

And there countdown should be in mind.

Close your eyes or you may also switch of the lights.

Watch your breathe and focus back on them even if the mind tries to divert you.

Kindly don’t force yourself. Allow things to happen in automation.

You may listen to many sounds where there is no need to analysis.

Listen to them in Meditative state through right ear without any analysis.

Just be present consciously in the meditation and slowly slowly it will take you to the super conscious state.

kindly note that actualy meditation is a series of act which starts with the following

Stop verbal communication of words first and watch it to reach the silence stage of no words.

watch your  thoughts and you will pass the path of thoughts.

Then watch  the 3rd layer i.e emotions  and 

You will be filled with bliss.

You will be filled with love.

You will be filled with Ananda.

You will be filled with tears.

Q what is most important thing not to do in meditation?

The energy is flowing within you and you are able to listen to the internal sounds. The thin sounds and many new sounds which may not be available in your past memory. Don’t go to any analysis. Allow the bliss within you. The Anahad chakra will open up and the OM sound will be filled within you. You will be filled with full of love, full of energy. You will be harmless. Blessings will flow from you to your surroundings. Your Soul has got the blessing and the divine energy starts flowing within you and to the world through you. You can feel that you are moving along the whole energy of the universe. Then there is no death. You have known all the dimensions of life and death. You have come out of the illusions of the world. Once you have discovered your being. Your face has the light of the divine.

What are the different paths of self-discovery?

There are different paths for self-discovery. Whether it’s through karma yoga, gyan yoga, prem yoga, bhakti yoga. All path are correct. It depends on us what fits us. But one thing for sure we need to have the thirst, we need to have the pain to move in the salutation of the birth and death cycle. In all the paths the primary observation is we need to completely surrender ourselves to the almighty in meditative state.

The bhakti yogi surrenders himself completely in bhakti.
The Prem yogi surrenders himself completely in love.
The Gyan yogi surrenders himself completely through meditation.
The Karma Yogi surrenders himself completely through offering his karmas to the almighty.

Q. What is the importance of pranayama in reference to Meditation?

I would like to highlight that for self-discovery, sometimes we need to clean ourselves and prepare ourselves to be in the meditative state. These things help to move from action zone to meditative state. These include Pranayama. It increases sensitivity and depth.
It increases focus. It improves health. It cleans mind and automates human beings to the state of deep silence and finally to meditate state. Doing Pranayama regularly will automatically help to be in meditative state and will help in the discovery of our soul.

Q. What is chanting and what is its utility?

Chanting is also a powerful tool. Chanting is repeating a particular mantra or particular word. It’s a scientific method which helps to give a pause to the thinking process, pause to emotions and makes active with consciousness to dive into meditative state. Do remember meditative state is the starting platform where the blessings or the cosmic energy gets poured to the person in meditation.

Q. What is gist of meditation?

Please do remember, there are lot of techniques to reach the meditative state. The meditative state is a surrendered state by the person in meditation where he has emptied his ego and his belongings to the almighty and ready to be filled with the blessings and cosmic energy.
Do remember only an empty vessel has the capacity to intake things.
So from there nothing is to be done. Only the pure presence is enough.
Getting the continuous blessing in meditative state to move to a super conscious state where a soul can meet the supreme energy.

*All information is best and true of my knowledge.
 Let’s experiment ourselves and reach to the state of Meditation. All the best.

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