The Gurus of Meditation & Inspiration

His depth of Knowledge,wisdom and Spirituality is a boon to Human Beings. Discovery of selfbeing is the ultimate goal of human being's life. But path is very confusing . However Sadhguru is continuously working to make things simplified and worthwhile for all of us.

Visit the following link for Isha Kriya Online meditation.

Visit the following link for the great Yog,Yogeshwarai Mantra.
It will purify you, strengthen you, empower you and will fill bliss within you . It will open the dimension of aliveness, spiritualness.
It will help you to dive to the ultimate truth of life. It's suggested to practice daily 2 times and 21 times one time. It's best if you can chant the mantra playing this video along with Sadhguru. God bless you.

There is another powerful meditation known as Chit Shakti Meditation. Its one of the greatest tools to fullfill your desires.
Practice as per guidance given by Sadhguru.
The link is given below.

Watch her videos full of positivity, energy,wisdom & Spiritual.


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More Leaders of Inspiration &  Spirituality.

*The information has been provided with utmost care through self knowledge and web findings.
Please use the information at your discretion.

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