Wellbeing is the way to bliss

Greetings for the Day!

Hopefully you are doing well in life.
Well Being is the state of being healthy, comfortable or happy.
Every human being desires to be in the state of wellbeing.
To be in the wellbeing state a human being has to create balance
With his mind, body and soul. Proper take care has to be taken for wellbeing. One should not

Ignore his/her health. It’s rightly said that health is wealth. We must have diet balanced along with regular exercises. Foods containing higher percentage of water is preferred like fruits, raw vegetables, etc. Healthy diet and regular exercises with yoga helps to reduce stress. Time Management must be adapted in life to reduce unnecessary wastage of time and complete necessary work in time.

Meditation should be practiced to create balance between body, mind and soul. Chanting OM initially with yog yog yogeswarai mantra by Sadhguru works very well. Human beings for their wellbeing must acquire spiritual knowledge and also time to explore the unknown. By unknown, I mean to say the mystery pertaining to human life and death cycle and Karmic account. Also self-realization and supreme awareness.

Apart from that also financial conditions should be well managed both for present and future. We must understand that for well being we should lead a very vibrant life. Our personal and professional relationships must be balanced. To keep personal relationships balanced we have to devote time to explore things which are necessary to be fulfilled. For professional relationships too focus on time Management for work completion and professional relationship management with positive approach can make a big difference.

Wellbeing of body and mind leads to proper Meditation and creates a way to bliss

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