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Maximum people are in search of Ananda or Joy. people find joy when they acquire or possess or get the thing or the person they are looking for.
Example if I love someone then I will be happy only when I get the person. I am working somewhere and I got the promotion or hike in terms of monetary gain then I am happy. I am planning to buy my own car and in the process I work very hard and successfully I purchased a car. So I became happy only when I got the car. Now the actual matter is possession of worldly things can never provide permanent happiness or beyond happiness.

By beyond happiness, I mean Param Anand i.e. ultimate Joy. This ultimate joy is everything. It is called bliss.


So, When our body,mind and soul is automated in the direction to live life alive every moment irrespective of all odds we are blessed with bliss.

Aliveness will take you to the energy level

We need to start our journey towards our inner Soul or in the discovery of who we are deep within . Tools and methods are many but ultimate thing is surrendering ourself to Lord Shiva. We are life and we are alive . But when we set up a goal to achieve something in this mortal world we entangle ourselvesfor pain and pleasure which is not the ultimate goal of human lives. The ultimate goal of human lives is to live life alive and so much alive in awareness that we can see the whole universe in actual as it is. So, that We can ligten ourselves and discover our soul. We are all drops of energies of the supreme power (Lord Shiva). 

Surrender to Lord Shiva


Start meditation to experience bliss


Apart from few all are entangled to remain in this Earth forever. This body is mortal and it will cease one day through whatever means. 

Live in the moment and aliveness will come


Does this question arise in our mind that who are we individually?
Does this question arise that where were we before taking birth in this human body?
We can't be waiting in a person's womb from ever as the person has also taken birth in this Earth. So the same person has also came from somewhere different.

So, it looks like a mystery. Don't we are sensitive and sensible enough that we must know the truth through ourselves practically. 

Once this thing comes in experience that whatever thing we achieve or whoever person we are in love with can't provide ultimate Ananda or Bliss our journey towards the inner self doesn't start. Why do We need to be broken first and then start? Can't we start searching ourselves and explore the greatest dimension of life.

 Watching the pause of all activities leads to meditation

 There are thousands and millions of path and the best path is whatever you like. Once you fail in one path, change to other as no path is best for all.

One attains through Bhakti Yoga, someone through Prema Yoga, someone through Karma Yoga, and many more.

Once you start it and commit yourself , God will automate your path towards him. We are like a drop of water and he is the large ocean.
We need to surrender our mind and start practicing whatever we love . It may be singing ,it doesnot matter whether anyone likes it or not but if you can sing in such a way that you can forget every other thing at that moment then that will be your best tool. someone may like meditation .

There are various stages of meditation and types of meditation. But I would like to tell you that these things are tools to prepare ground for the crop to grow. Its also like paddy cultivation. We clean the field,loosen the tight soil, water it and all sorts of process. So , these processed will make you capable to receive bliss. And once you are capable to surrender yourself to the divine in true sense, the work is done. Your energy, the surroundings will start blossoming.

Leave past ,Leave future ,Live in the moment


Always remember this body is not permanent resident of this Earth. The time is limited. We celebrate our birthdays every year but actually these are our body's death days appearing. I am not against celebration. I want that celebration should be always and not confined to a date or reason.

When we will learn to enjoy every bit of moment in awareness we will live the life in true sense. As because it will gradually lead to the awareness of our true self.

Live the stubborn mind aside and dive in the heart ,enjoy life to the fullest

It's not that you have to do something to be lighten or enlighten. Simply if you can laugh from deep within, sing from deep within that's good start.

Start watching and feeling the Air, water,Sky,Fire,Earth with grace. Respect and have the food water with grace. Smile at the sky, bow down to him.
Thank him for holding the whole universe. Everyday still idle like a statue in early morning or before sun rise for 15 to 20 mins closing eyes and observing your breathe cycle. Wherever your mind diverts bring back to the breathe cycle. keen Observation to all your activities and things around us will bring sensitivity to things and the universe.
There is nothing in this mortal life much more than the bliss. And the way to bliss is through sensitivity to small things ,love for all creatures.

Life becomes graceful. Live life alive with awareness and graceful as much as possible, we will reach . This is the way2bliss.


The Enlightened Buddha and his 8fold path    

*Disclaimer: The information derived and shared with utmost care and knowledge. From self findings and web findings. Kindly use the information at own discretion.          

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