How to make a marriage successful ?

Create an awesome marriage life

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Marriage is a legal agreement where two beautiful hearts want to merge together and stay together and lots of things. It is a wonderful bond. It is a mixed bag of excitement and anxiety at times. Two lovely hearts with full of expectations and commitment jump together to live a happy married life.

In pre-marriage and post-married life if we can follow these steps it will make our marriage life very beautiful.

  1. Match the compatibility of marriage score as per moon sign. As per moon sign a good marriage life happens if at least 18 qualities out of 36 qualities match. But I would suggest don’t go for if the match is below 28 at least if you want a wonderful married life. As it brings out the reality of two human beings whether they are compatible or not in the long journey of married life in harmony. It deals with its own logic which has worked for years after years. So, reliability is also there as it is calculative and scientific method of evaluating two human qualities compatible qualities.

Now the question is how to check what the score is. I suggest you to visit for the same. You may check it free of cost. Just need three things of both the persons.

Date of Birth + Time of birth + Location of birth

2. Check the compatibility as per sun sign. It’s also important to get the same checked. Click Sunsigns & visit the page to check out the compatibility ratio & other vital factors of the particular sun signs. Only date of birth is needed to understand the sun sign and then match with the compatibility ratio.

If your moon sign compatibility is very good and Sun sign compatibility is at least good you may move into the marriage without much thinking. It is going to be a very happy married life.

3. Apart from the above two conditions people need to put brains, heart and hard work to make their marriage bloom.

4. A man/lady must frame in mind that apart from earning livelihood and comforts of materialistic life he/she has to manage quality time to discuss about the pains and pleasures of daily life and address the issues. Professional life is stressful nowadays. Spending time together at home or managing outing releases these stresses and boosts life.

5. A lot of money is required in married life. A very good financial savings plan must be done from the very early of your career. It will help in the crisis or emergency situations. Be it a mutual fund, stocks, fixed deposits, recurring accounts, gold purchase, property purchase. Use your money wisely and don’t overspend. A financial security is required for a worry-free stressed life. If possible one should start a side business with his earnings and manage it wisely. Save money for a new home if you’re living in a joined family. 

It is always an added advantage that both the partners are financially strong. One income is good enough for overall family expenses and the other for investments to grow money. I have seen partners who are both financially stable enjoy their life to the fullest. 

Financial freedom also makes relationship beautiful as none of the partners take each other for granted and also there is self respect among the partners and very good understanding

In such relationships personal space is also available which boosts the relationship.

6. Health is wealth and it works in your married life. Prevention is cure. It’s not only your fitness that matters. You have to take care of your partner’s fitness too. It will benefit you in two good ways. First he/she will always look fresh and attractive and live will be very interesting. Secondly it will save your pocket and prevent unnecessary medical expenses.

7. If you’re living in a joint family, please come out and have some space in your personal life. Plan outings out of your town and to natural places and recharge your married life. Even if you are not living in a joint family still outing is very necessary to clean boredom from life and making it alive always. It’s very necessary to visit to natural places as it heals us mentally and strengthens us. It rejuvenates us. So, always have a plan. If you are living in a city or crowded place then its mandatory I suggest.

8. Even if both partners are not working, both should be used to work in kitchen together for some time at least. Try new recipes or a helping hand at times provides time to each other and makes feel needed and importance. Helping partner and making them feel important is a very good tool to blossom a relationship.

9. Have we have ever realized that before marriage people use to gift their partners a lot when the relationship may not guarantee for long. So, why don’t we surprise our partners with gifts? It enriches relationship when a person feels important and lovely in the partner’s eye. Always expensive gifts are not required. But small small things too work wonders. 

A tight hug daily will strengthen the relationship to grow more lovely.

10. Marriages don’t die a common death. They are killed by ego, anger, jealousy and many more things. The main thing is absence of love. We can’t create love but yes we can make the atmosphere lovely. We can’t create the fruit but we can water the plant and necessary materials to support it to grow the necessary fruit. So, if you are unable to love your partner for whatever abc reason.

Then you have to spend some quality time analyzing it. You have to give attention what is lacking in him/her or what is lacking in you. Bringing out complaints and raising fingers makes things worsen.

 Partners need to accept them as they are and not try to change the other partner. Instead self-focus on how to change the self is necessary. 

A partner should know that ‘to err is human’ and lot of love is necessary to invoke managing skills in people. 

Only love and lots of love and care is very essential to blossom a relationship. If love is present in the relationship 90 percent things doesn’t require at all. But that love is unconditional and it’s a very keen thing and lots of attention and hard work is necessary on the same.

There are lots and lots of minute things which can be put into practice to make marriage successful and bloom also. However the main points has been discussed. It’s my personal views and should not be accepted as any hard and fast rule. But naturally these are very important to run a long happy married life. 

11. In modern times, there are more things  which are considered important before entering marriage.
You should discuss the following things if you wish for a better vision of married life.

Childhood traumas
Partner expectations
Financial expectations
Sexual expectations
Dream home
Political views
Family health history
Mental health history
Whatever else comes to mind discuss with partner before marriage! 
How to deal with family?
What beliefs will be instilled in your children?

 *Disclaimer: The article represents the idea for creating  a beautiful married life.
However , you should use the information at your own discretion .

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