Secrets of Capricorn Sun sign!

All about sunsign Capricorn 

Capricorn sun sign

 BORN DATE                      


 December 22–January 19     

  ♑ Capricorn(Goat)






Associated with 


  The Mountain Sea-Goat





  •  Earth Signs are of feminine or negative polarity.
  •  Negative Polarity (Feminine ): INTROVERT IN NATURE

Capricorn comes under Cardinal Signs

  • Cardinal Signs are the most assertive, the most interested in initiating change. 
  • Their mode of activity is to start new things. 
  • They easily begin things and respond well to new ideas. 
  • They are self-starters. Crisis motivates them. 
  • They achieve control by remaining one step ahead of everyone else. 
  • Libra tries to control partnerships; 
  • For Cardinal signs, things are always happening. This is usually because they are doing the starting. 
  •  Capricorn controls, uses, and exploits the material environment.

Lets know more about sun sign Capricorn.

Characteristics of Capricorn :

Positive things of a capricorn

Persistent , Realistic , and Sensitive 

Ambitious , Disciplined , Loyal, HardworkingTeam player, Classy

Negative things of a capricorn

Suspicious,Overly Serious,  Unforgiving and Critical


What Capricorn Zodiac Sign Likes?

  • Loves Music
  • wants personal spaces
  • Likes craftsmanship

What Capricorn Zodiac Sign Dislikes?

  • Does't like Embarrassment
  • Doesn't like Laziness
  • Doesn't like getting angry
  • Doesn't like Losing control

Important facts about Capricorn

Lucky Numbers         6, 9 and 8

Lucky Days                Fridays, Tuesdays and Saturdays

Good Planets             Saturn

Evil Planets               Mars

Friendly Signs          Tauras, Virgo

Lucky Colours         Black,Indigo,Puce, Silver, Ultramarine Blue

Lucky Metal             Silver

Lucky Stone             Black Onyx, Emerald

Soul Mates               Taurus, Virgo

Just Say No               Gemini & Leos


Best Profession for Capricorn




Ammunition related business,
Consultancy services




Capricorn comes under Zodiac Element Earth .

Earth represents traits of

Promoting Peace


Relationship compatibility table of sun sign Capricorn with others given below.

Zodiac compatibility with capricorn
Zodiac compatibility with capricorn

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** Kindly note that even if the zodiac sun signs shows higher percentage of match but it doesn't assure of harmonial and love relationships. 

I have found many cases where inspite of best matches the relationship 
doesn't work. 
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