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Zodiac element Air: Gemini

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A person born between  May 21–June 21  is a Gemini  person.

 BORN DATE                         


  May 21–June 21                 

      ♊ Gemini (Twins)           

 Sun sign





Associated with 


 The Twins





  • Air Signs are of masculine polarity.
  • Positive Polarity (Masculine ): Extrovert IN NATURE

Gemini  person comes under Mutalble Signs

  • Mutable Signs are the most unstable and most open to influence by the environment.
  • They are infinitely flexible and tolerant.
  • They find it naturally easy to let go
  • Mutable energy loosens structures and adapts it to new and changing conditions. 
  • Mutable signs have many things going on in their heads rather than in tangible form.
  • Many react by making lists. Some suffer from negative mental tension, involving fear, paranoia, and panic attacks
  • In anticipating negative outcomes, they really suffer during the worry process. 
  • But their high adaptability always sees them through.
  • Gemini is changeable in its ideas.

Positive  & Negative aspects of sun sign Gemini

Likes & dislikes of  sun sign  Gemini 

Best & Lucky things of sun sign Gemini

Best  Planets

Mercury and Saturn

Best Colors

Yellow, pink, green and pale blue    

 Lucky Numbers


Lucky Days


 Lucky Stones

Agate and Aquamarine

 Lucky Metals

Quick Silver and Mercury

 Best Profession

Radio Jockey, Interpreter, 

 Teacher, Project Manager, 

Scientist, Computer programmer,


Gemini comes under Zodiac Element Air .

Air signs are intellectual and communicative.
The air element is our breath, the most necessary and invisible 

function of our human body.
They have terrific social skills and are great communicators.
Air signs think logically and rationally rather than emotionally.

Relationship compatibility table of sun sign Gemini

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Gemini Sun sign


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