♉ Taurus (Bull) (April 20–May 20)

 Sun sign Tauras

 BORN DATE                      


 April 20–May 20                

  Taurus (Bull)  






Associated with 


 The Bull





  •  Earth Signs are of feminine or negative polarity.
  •  Negative Polarity (Feminine ): INTROVERT IN NATURE

Taurus comes under Fixed Signs

  •  Fixed Signs are the most stable and self-contained.
  •  Their mode of activity is sort of passive, yet determined, unwavering, and even stubborn. 
  •  Their strength is their consistency and loyalty. 
  •  They follow things through to the end, managing and sustaining what has been started by the  Cardinal signs. 
  • They may go to denial in times of change.
  • They are very resistant to change, needing to take time to prep themselves. 
  •  They tend to be late: Taurus is just slow;  Late, but once there, they stay forever. 

Lets know more about sun sign Taurus .

Characteristics of Taurus :

Positive things of a Taurus

Loyal, heartfelt, loving , soothing, kind, organized, patient,

 Negative things of a Taurus

Jealous, Stubborn, Dependent, Lazy,

Imbalanced, Possessive, Materialistic

Taurus Zodiac Sign Likes to do the following things:-

  • Cooking
  • Gardening 
  • Gyming
  • Photography

Negative aspects of Taurus?

  • They are overpossesive
  • They are very resistant to change.
  • Taurus people are very stubborn.
  • Taurus acts like little narrow minded.

Important facts about Taurus 

Lucky Numbers       5, 6, 15,24,33,42,51

Lucky Days               Mondays, Fridays,  Saturdays

Good Planets           Venus

Best Boss                 Capricorn

Friendly Signs         Tauras, Virgo

Lucky Colours         white & green

Business partner    virgo

Lucky Stone             Diamond,Coral & Emerald 

Soul Mates               Virgo , capricorn

Just Say No              Libra & Saggitarius


Best Profession for Taurus

Fashion Designing


Interior Decoration,

Advertising ,

Building Contractor,



Landscape photographer,

Corporate Executive


Taurus comes under Zodiac Element Earth .

Earth represents traits of

Promoting Peace


Relationship compatibility table of sun sign Taurus with others given below.

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** Kindly note that even if the zodiac sun signs shows higher percentage of match but it doesn't assure of harmonial and love relationships. You must consult a learned Astrologer.


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