Siva Kundalini Sadhana

Siva Kundalini Sadhana

Siva Kundalini Sadhana is a Unique course which lets the sadhak experience higher states like Samadhi in a very short time which otherwise takes several years of sadhana.Using this sadhana one can awaken their Kundalini Energy and activate the Chakras.

Entering into Sushumna nadi is one of the most difficult achievements for a sadhak.
Many yogis spend many years in intense sadhana to get to this state.
In Siva Kundalini Sadhana, with the grace of Parama Pujya Sree Jeeveswara Yogi, one can not just enter into Sushumna nadi instantly but can also be in that state throughout the day.

Sadhaks can solve all their problems as most of them are related to any one of the 7 Chakras. Siva Kundalini Sadhana is a path that can take you from connecting with the creator to transforming yourselves into the creator. This Divine Knowledge and experience is of immense value which cannot be paid. Hence it is offered Free of cost.

 Parama Pujya Guru ji  Sree Jeeveswara Yogi.

The Safest and the most organized form of practicing Kundalini Yoga is being offered in an unique way by Parama Pujya Sree Jeeveswara Yogi.
The Sadhana methodology can take us towards self-realization by harnessing the most powerful Kundalini energy and experiencing its manifestations.
It is one of the easiest, most practical, very powerful, result oriented and experiential ways of learning Kundalini Yoga in the presence of a self-realized and experienced Guru.

Benefits of Siva Kundalini Sadhana

Using this Sadhana one can:
  •  Awaken his/her Kundalini Energy and Activate his/her Chakras Easily.
  •  Solve their Health and Social problems.Because all the physical and social aspects of our life will be directly related to the respective chakras in our body.
  •  By practising Siva Kundalini Sadhana one can attain and be in Samadhi, thoughtless and blissful state from a minute to several hours.
  •  With Kundalini Sadhana you will get the ability to achieve what you want in your life.

How to join the program?

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* Note: Siva Kundalini Sadhana Courses are completely Free.

Course Details

There are 7 Levels in total for the course.

 First 4 levels are offered online.
 From Level 5 onwards the course is offered under direct supervision of Parama Pujya Sree Jeeveswara Yogi in Telegu ,English & Hindi as of now.

  • Level 1: Awakening the dormant Kundalini Energy.
  • Level 2: Entering into Sushumna nadi
  • Level 3: Activating the 7 chakras
  • Level 4: Taking the Awakened Kundalini energy from Muladhara to Sahasrara
  • Level 5: Practicing Samadhi
  • Level 6 and 7: Advanced Kundalini and Samadhi practices

* You can forward this message to your friends and relatives whoever are in need of this course.

*Disclaimer: All the information has been put with utmost care from Guru ji's website and whatsapp and Telegram group. This is an attempt to guide people in the right and easy direction who wants to get spirtituality experience without much confussion. Clear and cut concept. Request you to use the information at your own discretion. For any Q&A please follow the Telegram and whatsapp group & Live sessions. Thank You

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