Shree Radha krishna

Unconditional love is a cosmic energy which fills a living being with ecstasy. But to be in unconditional love there is no compulsion to be in relationship. Love is infinite. It fills you and makes you beautiful. Your eyes become red, your face becomes reddish. You are at the top of the world. You are in dance with the Universe /cosmos. Everything will cease one day but not love as it is an immortal energy. Please separate it from the word relationship. It's not a term to be associated with relationship or prison. A prison is a prison.It is bondage whether a sweet bondage or harsh bondage. But not love. It's an energy which merges you with the ultimate source of energy /divine.Love is an energy which connects two human beings and they feel one together till love energy is present within them. Once the energy is overtaken by bondage, I mean terms and conditions then the beauty of love is lost. Then it remains only a relationship. Love is a higher dimension of energy which opens through Anahata the heart chakra. People do experience taste of love even when the heart chakra is not opened but that is volatile and temporary. Once the heart chakra opens it’s like love and only love. Devotion and only devotion. Then a human being can move to higher dimension of life towardsliberation. Love is not a physical dimension of life. So, it may happen that you are with a person with joy and have a legal relationship but it’s not necessary that you are in love. When you are actually in love, you will be in love with everything around you. You will be in love with ants, dogs, cats, human beings, sky, tree, air, water, and land, everything around you. You will fill one with the cosmos. You will be in bliss. You will be in compassion. You will in a state of surrender and you will be filled with the cosmos. You will not be able to separate yourself with others. It will be like Lord Shiva is visible all over you and you are one with him. Relationship of this physical world is different. There are likings, disliking, affection, passion, jealousy, hatred. But love is that which we can't create nor can we bind it. 

Shree Radha Krishna Love

If two persons energy are merging out of sheer joy without any conditions it is also unconditional Love.It's a natural flow of cosmic energy which is present and only the heart capable to hold it experiences love and it’s all dimensions. The unconditional love enriches a human being to move to the higher dimension for ultimate liberation. It clears out the illusion from one's life. The World will be a paradise if unconditional love gets bloomed in millions and millions of hearts.

Jai Shree Radhe Krishna


Shree Radhe Krishna

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